About Us

BNF Group was established to house the various divisions under the BNF name where our operations have spread globally. Our solutions and services command the highest level of quality in order to meet our customers’ expectations. 

BNF Group comprises of 2 main divisions:

1. BNF Industries – Providing ISO Tank Services, LNG supply and logistics, Refrigerants, Industrial Gases, Plant and Marine services

2. BNF Engineering – Providing Analytical & Emission Control, Natural Gas Expertise, Integrated Building Solutions

This strategic move has enabled us to diversify and strengthen each division specifically with their own team of dedicated individuals that have helped to shape the BNF group. Currently, the demand for our services has grown to reach more than 50 countries with 60 partners and we expect the growth to continue. 

Our Story

In 1990, when BNF was established, the strategic move of diversifying into different divisions was made to optimally allocate resources and ideas. Our operations began with the headquarters in Singapore and now we have regional offices in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia whilst supplying globally. 

Our Engineering and Industrial Gas divisions enable us to provide an all encompassing solution to our customers. 

Today, BNF group is proud to say we are one of the fastest growing ISO Tank leasers in the region and have established a strong foothold in the engineering industry.

Our Mission

BNF Group strives to provide complete service with our expertise in both the Engineering and Industrial Gas sector. 

We are motivated to deliver solutions that meet customers’ expectations and will continue to enhance our competitiveness by expanding further and beyond our current position.






Years of experience

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